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Manufacturers Representative for Michigan and Northeastern Ohioo
HVAC        Industrial
Heat Transfer
Air Control
Flow Control
VALUE:  Products of industrial quality without Propitiatory wear components, more options as standard and the industries highest
Efficiency.  Competitive very well trained wholesale distribution and field support for all your process and HVAC applications.
Patterson is a subsidiary of the Gorman-Rupp Company that has been the World leader in industrial, fire pumps, municipal pumping and valves since
1900.  They have taken this knowledge and engineering to the next level and entered the HVAC market with new ideas and competitive bonus is the fact
standard sized bearings and seals would be available from anyone not just local seal suppliers or our local wholesalers stock ($70/$90).  With the
industrial sizing of the bearings you should never need replacement and the carbon / silicon carbide seals should double the life of a usually supplied
carbon ceramic seal.
So repair parts cost a few dollars versus proprietary assemblies sometimes/often costing way over $1,000.00 and are available locally, offering a
substantial savings in inventory.

The Patterson line of HVAC equipment can be reviewed on
www.systecoreinc.com or www.pattersonpumps.com .  We have a complete line of pumps,
expansion tanks, air separators, triple service valves, suction diffusers, heat exchanger's, connectors, Variable Speed and packaged systems.  Our
Flo-Pak systems can offer everything from a two pump booster package to a penthouse containing boilers and chillers shipped complete.   

We currently have a mobile end suction base mounted pump in a truck for you and your design team to review; all of the industrial qualities, OSHA
coupler guard, USA built, high efficiency and heavy channel base for vibration and alignment control.  We ship all equipment factory direct with specified
flow testing, impeller trimming, and balancing on all pumps with shipping in (7-10) days on cataloged equipment at very competitive pricing from your
local wholesaler.

Jeff Turner
Drives & VFD's
WILO U-Tube Training Center
Pump system integration




Patterson CloudStat®-enabled  
Vertical In-Line
Motor Data
Systecore Inc. is dedicated to utilizing the products
they represent in providing SYSTEM EFFICIENCY not
just component efficiency.  Working with boiler, chiller
and temperature control manufacturers to offer owners
PEAK SYSTEM EFFICIENCY around the clock not just
during peak demand that only happens 2% of the year.
Please call us at (989) 746-0700 and allow us to pull
the TEAM together for you in Michigan and NE Ohio
Hydronic Water
We’ve Gone ECM/DC Over 1000gpm and 165’TDH
Biggest ECM/DC Motor
WILO Pump Selection SOFTWARE
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Patterson AUTOCAD
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Air Dirt
The new Flamcovent, Flamco Clean
and Flamcovent Clean Smart air and
dirt separator range removes even the
smallest microbubbles and minuscule
dirt particles from the system water.
They are close to maintenance-free
and the flow resistance is negligibly
low, which saves energy.

Just like the Smart range with
connection sizes up to 24", the proven
effectiveness makes them future ready
and the new standard in air and dirt