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Systecore is proud to be part of TEAM HVAC
is a coordinated effort of Industry Professionals
and Manufacturers who take a Systems approach to
deliver the best possible cost savings in energy,
maintenance, labor and downtime for healthcare,
education, power, retail and industry. This approach
saves dollars and the environment.

Every year your customer has to clean their tower basin and chiller tubes due to dirt.
Value:  Offer Filtration Systems with .2#/7# pressure drop, cleanable while in operation and fully automatic.  
To reduce the TSS and greatly reduce make up water flushing saving thousands to millions of gallons of expensive water
every year.
1.        Offer automatic water filtration from 2 – 3500 microns full flow or side stream.
2.        Offer manual water filtration from 2 – 3500 microns full flow or side stream.
3.        Centrifugal Solids separators don’t work with variable volumes.
4.        Basket or Bag filters plug too fast and don’t get cleaned.  (Just ask)
5.        Largest surface area strainer for lowest pressure drop.
6.        Best cleaning options for best efficiency.

Building owner has to operate their chiller during times the tower returns water cool
enough to handle the building or process loads.
Value:  Offer SONDEX Plate & Frame heat exchanger for Free Cooling.
1.        We work with several engineering firms for competitive application of Free Cooling.
2.        Engineering of System, available complete on a skid.
3.        Stamped Drawings for installation.
4.        Paperwork for Green credits.
5.        "Free Cooling" system is very competitively priced; it is not uncommon for manufacturers to utilize "Free Cooling" for months at
a time while the mechanical refrigeration system remains idle. The energy and equipment maintenance savings are significant.
Consequently, payback is accelerated.

Note to the wise:  
If your customer utilizes a cooling tower for process cooling year round and is planning any cement work or new
buildings; you may want to suggest radiant tubing for heating or snow melting.  Cooling towers are used to cool
water, why not utilize the 90 – 120F process water for heating or snow melting and cool the water at the same time.  
This adds up to real energy savings for the owner, every BTU utilized for heating is saved as well as the energy to
run the tower is reduced as well as chemicals and evaporation.  
Be the hero, everyone is talking about saving energy.
To review your savings click on the 5 Year
Warranty to the left, input your horse power,
pump or fan, utility rate and motor efficiency.  
With a quick call to Mike Boyd at the Macomb
Group Grand Rapids you can also input your
Drive cost to realize 6 -8 month payback.
Want to improve your chances of convincing bean counters that investments in energy
projects are worthwhile? Stop talking about payback periods and start talking about return on
investment, said speakers at the Facility Decisions conference and exposition in Las Vegas.

What payback periods their organizations would approve. No hands went up at 10 years; few
went up at five. But a five-year payback equals a 20 percent ROI. A four-year payback offers a
25 percent return. And if a project pays for itself in three years, the ROI is 33 percent. Those
numbers give facility executives a much more powerful tool to sell energy efficiency projects
than payback periods provide.

Putting a project in terms of ROI may help facility executives win funding for projects that
exceed the organization's stated investment horizon. Consider an organization that is willing to
consider only energy efficiency investments with payback periods of 18 months or less. By that
criterion, a project with a 50 percent ROI will be turned down. When the energy project is put in
terms of ROI, the finance department may be willing to consider its investment horizon.