Zemos Solar Energy Products

Zemos Technology (Jiangyin) Ltd., being a member of the Zemos Group of Companies is a manufacturer of
advanced technology solar heaters with many advantages over other solar heaters in the market.

These advantages are allowing the user, to use solar energy in many new applications in homes, commerce and
industry, where the Zemos products will act as a energy booster with great cost savings.

One crucial point is the ability of our product to handle high pressure which is making it possible to connect them
directly to the city water main and supply hot water at the same pressure without any other devices as booster
pumps etc. This is illustrated in a typical hot water application with a water heater below:

Key benefits of our systems - some of the many benefits our solutions deliver include:

High Pressure Hot Water Storage Tank (tested to 9 bars)
No vents required and therefore no heat loss as compared to the low pressure systems
Cuts average water heating bills by up to 80% or more!
Eliminates greenhouse gas emissions
Costs about the same as a good quality flat plate solar water heater but is more efficient!
Pays for itself from annual energy cost savings
Doesn't need to face South - works well East or West too!
No Frost problem. No water circulating in heat absorber tubes. Therefore no damage of freezing and no loss of
heat transfer efficiency created by calcium deposits originating from the water
No sealing rubbers required. There no potential leakage of water problems
The perfect system for cold areas - no need for Glycol
Easy to install and maintenance free
Made from high quality components, all stainless steel construction backed by long warranties (3 years on major
Can use gas or electricity as an energy back-up (Or waste heat from a wood stove)
Eligible for generous government rebates (please note rebates are subject to change and depending on the
respective states)

Examples of other home, commercial and industrial applications.
non-toxic liquid with boiling
point of 25 °C (77 °F)
heat sink for solar energy
transfer to the water/fluid in the
stainless steel
boiler wall tested
at 9 bar water pressure
evacuated solar heat
absorber glass tube
copper heat pipe
thermal insulation